Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Ratings: 5.00/5.00 Inkly Stars

Expected Publication: May 15th 2020 


Nina and Maggie live together. The difference is Maggie lives in a sound proof attic, with a tinted window and a chain on her ankles whereas Nina doesn’t. Nonetheless, there are things Maggie did that Nina can never forgive, and there are lots of secrets that are very hard to fathom.

About the Book

“What Lies Between Us” revolves around the mystery of a mother and daughter; Maggie and Nina. It tires to portray a mother’s love, care, desire, sacrifice, pain, solitude, and death. Above all, the mystery shared between them is intriguing, and genuinely disturbing. 

Point of View

The Point of Views bounces between the two main characters. The great part? They both seem to be the villain and that’s what I believe will really engage a reader. The book reminds one a lot about Verity by Colleen Hoover. Comparatively, in Verity, a mother writes about the most evil thoughts she has about her children and husband. However, the ending leaves one in tumult as to which is which and what’s the truth? Unlike Verity, everything seems to be answered in this book except for one thing, which is Nina’s point of view and what is actually happening with her.


This book has left me speechless. Certainly, the plot is something I could have never even imagined. I kept on guessing while reading but it always left me bewildered and awed. I could not help wondering why Maggie is locked up and chained, who the actual villain is, what really happens in the past, and to my surprise they were all answered in the most unexpected way one can imagine. Especially the things that Nina had done left me baffled. What motivated her to do those things? What’s really happening with her? What did she feel about them?

The ending is satisfying but leaves room for more to be desired. It’s hard to explain why so without revealing spoilers of the story.  To point out, the story doesn’t tell why Nina is doing what she is doing and it doesn’t fully justify the ending of the book.

Thoughts Lane

John Marrs! What have you done with my brain cells! You are just great. I love the way you write and I believe I just got a new Mystery/Thriller favorite author. You. Yay!

Its a general presumption that the best writers are the ones who can surprise their readers. Well hey I’m here! I tried to anticipate a lot as to what will happen in the story, but the story always turned out to be something different. The subplots are more horrifying than I can ever imagine and it really creates a stir of emotions! For this reason, I don’t even know what I should really feel as the story-line progresses. Though each subplot had some relation between them, but the emotions were on many different levels. 

A message to Maggie:

Maggie. Maggieeeeeeee. I can’t express how utterly shocked I am with the plot & all the subplots. As a result, I have a lot of questions about your character more than anything else. I surely think I will never understand the things you did. How can you be like that? Why did you choose to be like that? The actions of your character makes me heartbroken, feel pity and melancholic. I can never express freely what I feel about your character since I cannot spoil the story for the people reading my review. You always knew the truth, but why? I suppose love always has a depth that I can never understand. 

A message to Nina:

Nina! NINAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! By all means, I am extremely mad at you. I am more shocked of your character than Maggie’s. If Maggie broke my heart, you didn’t make it any better! It’s markedly difficult to comprehend how things turned out the way they did in the story. How could you have defined love that way? How could you have not figured it out? Why couldn’t you try harder? Is this how love is suppose to be? I will never understand it. NEVER. Moreover, I have many questions about the cruelty, compassion, numbness, care & love your character exhibits.

More Thoughts

This book is confusing, surprising, shocking, nerve wracking, hurting, heartbreaking, just about everything! It has care, pain, solitude, desire, sacrifice, & death! Like surely! 

John Marr’s book ‘What Lies Between Us’ certainly challanges one’s emotions and anticipations. I had no idea a book can even be so emotionally diffcult to go though! 

Quotes from the book:

“The next time we are together, I want one of us to be lying stiff in a coffin wearing rags that no longer fit our dead, shrunken frame.”

“She prefers to ‘keep it for best’. I remind her that these days, there is no ‘best’ any more. We live in a time where everything and everyone is disposable.”

“But my spirit is too strong to give up hope: hope of an escape, hope someone might find me and hope she has a change of heart and accepts that what she is doing to me is so, so wrong. Without hope, I have nothing. And I am not there yet. I have not given up.”

What I like about the book:

-The plot, the twists, the point of views, the settings, the emotions, and the psychological twists.

-The cover is fitting to the story and it’s truly attractive.

What I dislike about the book:

-Maybe the ending. Maybe not. I don’t know. I am confuse!


Overall, would I recommend this? Of course! Certainly! 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer/Amazon Publishing UK for approving me with the ARC of this book. I will forever be grateful that I am introduce to this wonderful author.

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